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Focus on Your Business.

Let Us Handle the Technology.

CSI has the technical expertise & resources to deploy & support flexible, highly reliable, extremely secure IT systems. 


Receive Assistance

Project Assistance

Available for projects of any size.

NDA / Non-Solicit

 We pledge to keep sensitive information private and secure.

Complement Your Team

Our experienced staff will supplement your current team.

Architecture & Design

Provide Project Management.

Infrastructure Refresh

From server room reorganization to large hardware roll-outs.

Disaster & Business Recovery

Recover from a security breach, ransomware attack, or other catastrophic event.

RTO (Recovery-Time Objective) 

RPO (Recovery-Point Objective) 

BCP (Backup Continuity Plan) 

Access Cloud

Secure Cloud Solutions

Edge Compute

Bring your data closer to your clients for best performance and efficiency.


We employ policies, services, technologies, & controls to protect cloud infrastructure & data.


Adjust IT infrastructure based on current and future demand with minimal disruption.


Maintenance and updates are completed regularly. Applications stay updated with current versions. Security patches are continuously refreshed to minimize risk.

Increase Security

Impliment an arsenal of cybersecurity measures.


Hardened multi-factor authentication. Managed and monitored for maximum security.


Human error conquered. Provide your team with the knowledge and training needed to neutralize phishing and social-engineering attacks.


Limitless and affordable secure cloud storage. Protect your data from ransomware attacks.

Sonicwall Capture Client

Comprehensive firewall and endpoint security combo. Constantly evolving protection for the entire network.

Cybersecurity Insurance Questionnaire Audit

Substantial potential discounts to insurance premiums upon completion of a comprehensive audit. 

Virtualize Physical Hardware

Convert your physical server into multiple unique and isolated virtual servers. 

Minimal Downtime

When a disaster affects a physical server, replacing or fixing it could take hours, or even days. With a virtualized environment, it’s easy to provision and deploy, allowing you to replicate or clone the virtual machine that’s been affected. The recovery process would take mere minutes as opposed to the hours it would take to provision and set up a new physical server.

Increased Productivity for Your IT Team

With virtualization, IT teams are no longer tasked with replacing or maintaining hardware. Using virtualization allows your team to simply clone and deploy a new resource without having to struggle with repairs and recovery that could waste valuable time they could otherwise spend on business-critical projects. 

Reduced Operating Costs

Through the consolidation of the applications onto virtualized environments, you will need fewer physical machines, helping you spend significantly less money on servers and maintenance.

Storage Without Limits

Easily accessible and endlessly scalable.


The modern data management solution. Secure backup and disaster recovery via cloud, virtual, or physical methods.


Ransomware protection partnered with Veeam backups provides peace of mind.


Traditional on-prem backup and storage solutions have limited capacity. Migrate legacy hardware including tape drives and libraries, modular smart-array (MSA), storage area network (SAN) to faster, secure virtual environments.

Help Desk Support

No problem too big or too small.


Our experienced team will remotely access your computer, server, or network device to resolve your concern as fast as possible. No IT issue is too big or too small. 


In the event that remote assistance is not possible, our friendly technicians will travel to your location at your convenience. We will make sure the issue is resolved and you are satisfied with the service. 


For routine issues, we are always available to take your call. Our technicians will walk you through the necessary steps to resolve your concern.

Priority Support

Jump to the front of the line with our Priority Management Agreement and Retainer Agreement. This agreement guarantees priority Phone, Remote, and Onsite support.

CSI Technology Partners

Since 1986 we have worked along the finest technology vendors to ensure your success. Just like our partnerships with our clients, we work just as hard to be great partners to our vendors. We commit to multi-year partnerships, attend regular trainings and obtain and maintain certifications from the best companies out there.


Let Our Team Join Yours

Our team will substitute or supplement your in-house IT staff.  We deliver modern solutions for your business, allowing you to focus on operating effectively. We perform all aspects:

Help Desk



Managed Services