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CSI’s Site Assessment

Let us take a look ‘under the hood’ to let you know the real status of your Network


• Looking to install a new network?

• Planning to upgrade your existing network?

• Need to identify potential “bottlenecks” if you expand your network?

• Concerns on existing cabling?

• Need recommendations regarding your existing data backup methods?

These are just some of the questions a thorough site survey conducted by CSI will answer. Planning is the key to all sound business decisions. So many times we have seen companies charge ahead with implementing new computer networks without considering all the variables. A site survey conducted by CSI will provide the detailed information your organization needs to make a sound business decision regarding your computer network needs.

CSI’s hardware site survey includes:


• Inventory all existing personal computers and file servers to include:

• Run bench mark performance test on Server storage and network traffic between servers to local PCs

• Is the cabling system labeled and is there a floor plan presentation?

• Visually inspect network cabling and switches

• Inspection of tape drive, tape media and backup methods currently in place.

• Inventory power protection and battery backup devices

• Inspect Firewall configuration and identify potential exposed risks

• Check configuration of Anti-virus and covered subscription period

• Evaluate remote access methods, VPN connections, Remote Desktop and to Cloud Providers

• Environmental concerns like ventilation, heat and location of equipment.

• Identify potential security concerns, length of passwords, Active Directory, and Administrator access

• Test Internet Line Speed

• Check Domain Registration for who has authorization to modify and expiration/renewal date



CSI’s Priority Management Agreement (PMA)


is our unique offering of onsite IT Support and Comprehensive Managed Services enjoyed by our clients.

123,803 and counting!  is the number of service calls our Team has resolved for our clients since we started business back in October 1986

Less than 20 minutes on average!  Response time for reported trouble to addressed by CSI’s Engineer Team

97% of on-site reported issues are resolved on the first visit.

36% of reported trouble tickets are resolved over the phone or by remote access

Benefits of our Priority Management Agreement (PMA)

• Onsite inspection of backup procedures to ensure reliable restoration of programs and data

• Onsite inspection of backup procedures to ensure reliable restoration of programs and data• Onsite inspection of Anti-virus protection to ensure all PCs and servers are protected and updating properly.

• Top priority over our Non-PMA clients

• Includes phone support up to one hour during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM

• Includes loaner equipment for any inventoried equipment listed on the PMA

• 20% reduction on CSI’s normal hourly rate for all services

• Hourly minimum for all on-site service calls reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours

• One year guaranteed price protection on labor rates and agreement charges

• Dedicated Engineer assigned to your account for consistent service and support of your specific environment

• Key Matrix Performance notification and Pre-Failure Alerts for HPE ProLiant Servers, SonicWall Firewalls and APC UPS Equipment.

• Daily Confirmation of Client’s backup routine, both successful and incomplete notification.

• Includes first half hour of Remote Support Accessing Client equipment, billed in half hour increments thereafter

• Ability to arrange weekend and or after hour support

• Dedicated Account Manager for new product acquisition to entire Guarantee 5-year Network Solutions

• Optional Cloud backup of data and programs to CSI’s facility or AWS

• Full Inventory reporting of all servers, PCs and major Network Equipment used to proactively advise the client on IT investment strategies. Information provided by this report includes the following:

o CPU (type & speed) and the amount of RAM installedo

o IP Address configuration, Gateway, device, and subnet.

o Storage Capacity for Solid State Drive and traditional Hard Drive, total, used and free.

o Operating system version and patch level

o Network card and network driver versiono

o Printer inventory along various pertinent information – sound card, modem, etc….

Let Our Team Join Yours

Our managed IT programs are a desirable substitute or addition to an in-house IT staff. We deliver high impact IT solutions for your business, allowing you to focus on operating effectively. We take on all time consuming tasks:

24/7 help desk support

Monitoring, alerting, and patching of all systems

Advanced IT security protection

Backup management and replication